1c mayonnaise

1Tbsp basil pesto

1/2c rice flour

400g Food Snob Cypriot Halloumi, cut into fries

oil, for frying

¼ c parsley, chopped

Lemon, quartered


  1. Mix the mayonnaise with basil pesto and a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Roll the halloumi in the flour so that it’s evenly coated. Heat the oil in a shallow, heavy-bottomed pan or casserole dish until 180C on a cooking thermometer, or a piece of bread browns in 20 secs. Working in batches, carefully lower the halloumi into the oil and cook for 2 mins until crisp and golden, then drain on kitchen paper.
  3. Sprinkle over the mint and parsley and serve with the lemon wedges and the basil pesto mayo for dipping.

Serves 4

Food Snob