Food Snob Chilltainer Large

Selection of products presented beautifully in a Food Snob branded Chilltainer.

Please note if a product is unavailable we will substitute a product of equal or greater value.


  • FOODSNOB Havarti 60+
  • FOODSNOB Bell Peppers w Cream Cheese
  • FOODSNOB French Brie
  • FOODSNOB English Cheddar Truffle
  • FOODSNOB Giant Kalamata
  • FOODSNOB Marinated Olives
  • FOODSNOB Tuscan Antipasti
  • FOODSNOB Danish Feta Cheese
  • FOODSNOB Double Cream Blue
  • FOODSNOB Dutch Cumin Gouda
  • FOODSNOB Dutch Gouda
  • FOODSNOB Halloumi Cheese
  • FOODSNOB Greek Feta
  • La Panzanella Crackers