Smooth, Mild & Creamy Danish Havarti

Distinctively smooth, mild and creamy, the new Food Snob Danish Havarti cheese is the ultimate cheese lover’s cheese.

While Danish in origin, legend has it a humble Kiwi farmer had a hand in pioneering Denmark’s famed Havarti.

The story goes that after travelling around Europe exploring the art of cheese making, Hanne Nielsen and her New Zealand husband settled down on a farm north of Copenhagen. It was here Hanne began perfecting her craft as a cheese maker, experimenting with different techniques she had picked up on her travels. Their farm, Havrthigaard would be the birthplace of Havarti and the origin of its name.

Tasting Notes

This authentic Danish cheese is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese, deliciously divine on toasted sandwiches, partnered with roast beef in a fresh sandwich, on a cheese board paired with a fruit paste, sliced pears and assorted crackers, or diced into a fresh garden salad.

With its soft buttery taste, Food Snob Danish Havarti pairs well with a range of wines and pairing cheese with the right wine is the best way to fully appreciate it. Full bodied or fruity reds such as Merlot or Pinot Noir complement this distinctive cheese beautifully or for white wine preferrers, Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling also make great pairings.

Look for Food Snob Danish Havarti in the Deli section of supermarkets nationwide and check out our fabulous list of recipes:


Food Snob Havarti Cheese & Roast Beef Sandwich

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