One of life’s great delights is fabulous food, so when it comes to eating and entertaining, we say a bit of unpretentious snobbishness doesn’t go astray!

That’s why Food Snob’s premium range of cheeses and antipasto additions are so wonderful – and now, another cheeky wee number has been added to the family!

Meet the NEW Food Snob Bell Peppers – deliciously crisp morsels filled with smooth cream cheese for the perfect combination of crunchy, creamy, spicy and sweet.

These piquant treasures are harvested in South Africa, then hand-filled with soft cream cheese to diffuse the gentle heat of the peppers. They’re perfectly placed on a well-crafted cheese board, but also go beautifully tossed into summer salads, grilled on BBQ vegetable skewers or atop bruschetta. Then again, you could also just eat them straight from the pottle!

So if you have a passion for good food, love entertaining or believe – like us – that good taste is everything, look out for Food Snob Bell Peppers filled with Cream Cheese in the deli section of supermarkets nationwide, RRP $5.59.

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