Entertainers and cheese lovers, it’s time to celebrate. We are so happy to finally reveal we’ve added a couple of top notch, French, authentic, rich, smooth, buttery, gooey and utterly delicious white rind cheeses to the Food Snob range. Our new Food Snob products Classic French Camembert and Classic French Brie come from the Limousin region in France, and are available on supermarket shelves up and down the country as of this week.

When we whispered the news to a few trusted friends in advance, a common question was asked of us…. Just what is the difference between brie and camembert, and which one should I choose? Naturally, we recommend you try both of our new French beauties, but of course we’d say that!

The very short answer is that brie has a creamier texture, and camembert is more robust. Brie will mature to an extent and become more and more gooey, but camembert will strengthen in flavour as it matures. It’s mainly down to individual taste, and you’ll find some of your guests will prefer one over the other and many will love both.

We’ve been working with a talented chef to bring you some stunning recipes which feature these new cheeses – be sure to click through to these and put a couple on your upcoming weeknight and entertaining menus.

TOP TIP – cheeses are at their best for eating around 40 minutes after being removed from the fridge. Be sure not to put in the hot sun or next to the oven though – aim for room temperature.

And a final note – it’s really important to us that we offer our products at a palatable price for our customers. We hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we do.


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