We’re full of new products news at the moment, with our our semi-dried tomatoes being the next we want to tell you about! Our regular customers will notice the name has changed from Semi-Dried Tomatoes to Vine Ripened Semi-Dried Tomatoes, and alongside that we’ve also moved to a new pottle which is taller and has a plastic grate on the inside (designed to push the tomatoes down and keep them covered in oil, ensuring they stay plump and juicy and the flavour still pops in your mouth).

Enough about naming and packaging though, we want to tell you more about the origins of these beauties.

We source our vine ripened tomatoes from the Manisa Region in Western Turkey, where the soil is fertile and the climate perfect for growing whole-bodied and flavoursome tomatoes, and where there is plenty of sunshine for sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes to be produced. Watching these producers at work is like watching a finely tuned machine, with literally no leaf unturned in checking the quality of the tomatoes, selecting only the truly A+ ones, and regular testing of the water, all of which pay dividends in providing the highest quality dried tomatoes.

And what is the difference between semi-dried and sun-dried, you ask? Well, both are dried in the sun, and both are mostly packaged in a jar or pottle with oil. The only real difference is the length of time spent drying in the sun. Semi-dried tomatoes dry in the sun first, and then are dried further in the oven.

There are so many ways to eat these gorgeous, rich, plump and juicy morsels – our top three are by themselves; on a salad; or in a freshly baked baguette with some delicious brie, salami and rocket, like the picture we’re showing here.

ENJOY! Or – Afiyet olsun as they say in Turkey.

Food Snob