How To Pack The Perfect Picnic

Nothing is better than tucking into a delicious spread in the sunshine with friends or loved one’s. Whether you’re at the local park, your favorite spot by the beach, or in your backyard, preparation is key for assembling the perfect picnic.

Here are our must haves!

  • Cheese – you can order one of our hampers online!
  • Deli items (stuffed peppers, olives, antipasti)
  • Crackers
  • Fresh bread
  • Cheese board
  • Optional extras – (deli meats, fresh/dried fruits, dips, pates, olive oil)
  • Drink of choice
  • Picnic basket, ice pack
  • Glasses, plates, cutlery, bottle opener, serviettes
  • Sealed container (for leftovers, if any!)
  • Picnic mat or rug
  • Blanket (for cozy evenings or winter months)
  • Hat + sunscreen
  • Speakers + your favorite playlist


Food Snob