FOOD SNOB – Sicilian Green Olives

The story of Sicilian Green Olives – serving and enjoying them

In New Zealand, the Nocellara del Belice has been given the nickname “Sicilian Olive” and we source our Food Snob Sicilian Olives directly from Sicily, one of the premiere regions for producing the world’s best olives and oils. We choose the larger calibre olives that are plump, have a crisp firm flesh, with a sweet and mild yet buttery flavour making them popular table olives.

Sicilian Olives “deliver”, says one food snob, a friend who prides herself on her pre-dinner delights –“they look good, they are a decent size, they are bright green and not the usual faded grass-green tending to go hay-coloured, you can actually taste the flesh, and they are juicy.” This food snob’s secret is to drizzle over some freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprigs of rosemary or chopped up thyme.

So what are Sicilian Green Olives? Imported by Greek Settlers to Sicily in the 5th Century BC, the olive tree offered oil for cooking and nourished our favourite tasty fruit. Traditionally they are served in tasty Caponata salads and have now become an important ingredient for making meals shine. They are particularly popular in current hits like the Orange and Fennel salad, or a green tapenade of olives, capers and herbs dabbed on baked potatoes.

Our Nocellara del Belice are harvested by hand at the opportune time when they are ripe with a naturally vivid green hue. We retain their rich colour and flavour by keeping them stored in a citric brine preserving solution – this also has the effect of reducing any shrivelling “prune effect” or discolouration. Our beautiful Sicilian Olives – eat them straight from the jar or try them in one of the delicious recipes below.