Food & Drink Pairings


Looking for a fabulous wine to pair with your antipasto? The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavour) in both food and drink interact with each other.

This interaction if paired well, will bring together flavours in solid form and flavours in liquid form to create a third, delicious set of flavours, bringing about something you wouldn’t have tasted if you hadn’t tried them together.  

Check out these delicious wine, beer and spirit matches as pictured and detailed below:


Food Snob Artichoke Hearts –

Beer: Pacifico – Clean & cuts through. Lifts the pickle / saltiness

Wine: Wither Hills Rose

Spiritous: A delicious, light Sangria like Sangria Flora would be brilliant here. Mart Bianco, Saint Germain elderflower Liqueur, apple, soda, mint..

artichokes with beer and wine


Food Snob Pitted olives –

Beer: Emerson’s Bookbinder. Rich and robust, works really well with these olives.

Wine: Huntaway Pinot Gris

Spiritous: Dark & Stormy with Appleton’s Rum

pitted olives with beer and wine

Food Snob Semi Dried tomatoes –

Beer: Mac’s Three Wolves Pale Ale

Spiritous: Rosita – A Tequila-based take on the classic Negroni cocktail. Made with Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Tequila

semi dried tomatoes with beer

Food Snob Bulgarian Feta –

Beer: Great white OR Negro Modello

Wine: Te Whare Ra ‘D’ Riesling

feta with beer and wine

Food Snob Danish feta –

Wine: Huntaway Pinot Gris

danish feta with wine

Food Snob Sicilian olives –

Beer: Speight’s Triple Hop Pilsner

Spiritous: Chilled Noilly Prat dry Vermouth & Ricadonna Prosecco, served in a flute  with a lemon zest

sicilian olives with beer

Food Snob Bell Peppers – 

Beer: Mac’s Sassy Red

bell peppers with beer

Food Snob Preserved lemons –

Beer: Emerson’s 1812

food snob preserved lemons with beer

Food Snob